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Hoof Knives | Nippers | Rasps | Nail Pullers | Shoe Pull Offs / Pullers | Nails

One of the leading brands with high quality farrier tools is Diamond, USA….

With consistent production of great farrier tools, the brand is a household name in the equestrian world. Some of their most popular products:

Hoof Knives and Sharpeners:

Narrow Blade Hoof Knives

Wide Blade Hoof Knives

Double Edge Hoof Knife

Loop Knife

Drop Blade Knives

Toeing Knives

All-In-One Sharpener


12″ Hoof Nipper

15″ Hoof Nipper

14″ Economy Hoof Nipper with Plastic Grips


14″ Hoof Rasp

Mini Rasp

14″ Crafting Rasp


Screw-On Rasp Handle

Ranger Twist-On Rasp Handle

Poly Twist-On Rasp Handle

Nail Cutters:

10″ Nail Cutter

Powerbolt Nail Cutter

KX Nail Cutter

10″ Beveled Nail Cutter

8″ Nail Cutter

Horseshoe Nails:

Race 4-1/2

City 4-1/2, 5 and 6

Slim 5

Combo 5

Regular 5 & 6

Hoofcare & Pads:

Frog Dressing

Hoof Defender (Hoof Protectant)

Hoof Conditioner

210ml Cartridge Applicator Gun

Hoof Stands Hoofjack Complete:

Mini Green Base with Accessories

Medium Green Base with Accessories

Standard Green Base with Accessories

Posts / Cradles:




Diamond Farrier tools features:

High quality steel

Easy to use and Long lasting