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Double S Hoof Knives

For horse owners, it is very important to make sure that their companions are given proper care and attention. One of the most important parts which is to given great care and attention is their hooves….

Only a balanced hoof can help them in moving properly without exerting too much pressure on their bones and ligaments. Hence, to make sure that they are trimmed properly to avoid cracking you will need the best Double S Hoof Knives.You may have been wondering how you can get that perfect clip-clop sound while your horse runs around!

This can be sounded only if their hooves are in a good condition. You can use the Double S Hoof Knives to help with maintaining good hoof health. It is important for all Farriers to have one or two in their tool kit to ensure that trimming can be done properly. This will also save horses from bruising their feet.

Let’s dive into some more interesting facts about the Double S Hoof Knife, and the companies’ background.

History of Double S Hoof Knives

There were two brothers named Marco and Leonardo Schelfi. Both of them used to work on their father’s farm. They were very much passionate about farming and also had great minds.

This helped them to make new and innovative products which could be used by the people that owned farms and took care of animals. Keeping this in mind they came up with this a very useful product named the Double S Hoof Knife.

These were invented by the brothers in the year 1993 in the Trentino region of Northern Italy. With time, the demand for these knives increased and it became hugely popular amongst the farrier community. It was made up of excellent grade high quality steel and was very popular top choice.

As demand kept increasing for the Double S Hoof Knife, the company invested in energy generating sources for building the photovoltaic solar tracking system with 180 Kilowatt per hour.
This system includes an innovative tracking system that utilizes the sun rays to increase the output of the setup for increasing production. The metal which is used in manufacturing is eco-friendly in nature.

Marco and Leonardo utilized their innovative ideas and skills to manufacture these amazingly useful Double S Hoof Knives.

They are used today by almost every podiatrist or farrier to take care of the horses’ hooves.

What is so special about Double S Hoof Knives

You can find a significant number of tools for trimming horse hooves. However, there is something that makes the Double S Hoof Knives very special.

Here is what you need to know.

• It is made up of the strongest metals which help the farriers to trim the hardest hooves.
• The knives are fitted into wooden handles.
• The wood provides required comfort and tool strength to the user.
• Hoof knives are made in both left and right-handed versions.

Different Types of Double S Hoof Knives

The Schelfi brothers did a great job by inventing different types of the Double S Hoof Knives for you to use at your convenience. Here are all that you need to be aware of.

• Loop Knife – It has a long handle with a double blade.
• Leo Knife – This Blue Box knife has a straight blade with an ergonomic handle. Available in right and left-handed versions.
• Classic Knife – red box knife comes with an ergonomic handle and a drop blade on the end. Available in left and right-handed versions.
• Rhino Knife – This Black Box knife has a drop blade that has a hoof pick at the end. Available in both right and left-handed versions.