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Heller Rasps


Farriers are experts with a high-degree of hoof care knowledge, and are experienced in taking good care of horses.

The farriers look after horseshoes and maintain hoof care for the horse’s health and well-being….

Often, they also have the qualities of a blacksmith and veterinarian. Professional farriers use tools like hammers, hoofs knives, hoof rasps, nippers and many other equine care tools.

Horses are loved by many, Some people befriend them and keep them as their companions. Others use them for other social & equestrian sport purposes. Like humans, horses also need great care and support regularly.

This is the reason why the help of a farrier is much needed throughout the year. A common tool used by the farrier is a trimming file or rasp.

Heller has been established amongst the best brands in farriery tools for many years and produces many types of rasps.

They have won the trust of many farriers and equestrians worldwide

The background of Heller Rasps

Heller is one of the oldest manufacturers of hoof rasps. The company is about 175 years old & was started by Elias Heller in the year 1836.

He started to manufacture files and rasps. These were all hand made at that time. By the time of 1866, the company was joined by Elias son’s named Elias George Heller and Paul Elias Heller who gave all their efforts to expand the business. Later, the next generation became uninterested in the family business which is why Heller became a member of the Mustad Hoof Care Group.

Heller is considered to be one of the top three brands in the world.

Tools manufactured by Mustad / Heller

There are many products & tools manufactured by Heller including:

– Horseshoes

– Horseshoes nails

– Hoof repair tools

– Steel

Farrier tools manufactured include:

– Nailing on hammers

– Hammer shafts

– Nail cutters

– Nail pullers

– Hoof nippers

– Clenching tongs

– Hoof knives

– Hoof testers

– Knife sharpeners

– Toeing knives

– Stud punch

– Heel cutter

– Hoof rasps

– Forge equipment

– Hoof care

– Hoof pads

The price of the products varies depending on the type of product, but generally all are of very good quality and affordable.

Also, there are tools and products that you can purchase at special offers.

Buy Mustad / Heller Horse Shoes & Nails

The shoes that are available in Heller Rasps are

– Steel Horseshoes

– Steel Training plates

– Aluminium Shoes

– Bar Horseshoes

– Bond on Horseshoes

Nails available in Heller or Mustad:

– Mustad nails

– Copper nails

– Endura nails

– Derby’s nails

– Rifle nails

– Road nails

– Studs, plugs and pins