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Jim Blurton

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Jim Blurton

There are many people who are true horse lovers. Horses are great friends to humans. Horses are also very useful from how far they can jump, and if required the amount of weight they can pull. They are a great sports partner in the modern world today….

The horse owners do love horses but they cannot take care of them as much as a Farrier is able to. The farriers take care of the hooves, horseshoes and also other matters.

We can say that a farrier holds the skills of a blacksmith as well as a veterinarian. Farriers use tools like hammers, rasps, hoof knives and many other things.

Jim Blurton has been one of the leading manufacturers of exclusive farrier tools for many years.

Early days of Jim Blurton

Jim Blurton has been practicing farriery for around 40 years since he was inspired and encouraged by his father, who was a farrier himself. Jim won the title of World Champion Farrier in the year 2005. He always wanted to be the best farrier in the world and he won many competitions quite early.

Jim was victorious in some 200 competitions across the world and he is considered to be one of the best farriers today. In the early 1980’s, Jim started manufacturing his own tools so that he could improve his skills.

Later he started manufacturing more tools so that they could be supplied commercially. Today there farrier tools are used worldwide and have been one of the first choices of many horse owners.

Tools manufactured by Jim Blurton

As mentioned, he wanted to be one of the best farriers in the world which is why he strived to improve his skills. He enjoyed manufacturing his own tools and worked hard to achieve the perfect tool. The quality of his tools gained recognition from the Delta Horseshoe Company based in America.

At that point Jim was ready to make his tools commercially available, and today his tools are supplied all over the world.

Some of the tools manufactured by Jim Blurton are mentioned below.










Driving hammers


Forging accessories

Tool accessories and belts

Specialist horseshoes

Jim Blurton is an expert in remedial shoeing and also shoemaking.
Types of Jim Blurton Shoes

The types of shoes that are available

Specialist horseshoes

Sports heart bar

Sports straight bar

Aluminium race bar

Heart bar

Straight bar

Egg bar

Graduated frog support

Hind Sports Bar Shoes

Lateral extension

Aluminium shoes

Lateral extension heart bar

Ultimate inserts

Considering all the factors, Jim Blurton remains somewhere at the top when it comes to providing the best products.