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Mustad Farrier Tools

Fascinatingly, horses are a great boon to our existence and the uses of a horse are far more than how high he will jump for you or the weight he can pull. Horses make great Sports partners in the modern world….

Metal based horseshoes are fitted to protect the horse’s hooves so that the horses gallop smoothly, and remain healthy.

A professional Farrier looks after the horseshoes and uses small nails along with other tools (namely nippers, hammers, rasps, hoof knives, set of custom-made corrective shoes, etc.) to fit the shoes onto the hoof tightly.The world famous Mustad Hoofcare Group is one of the leading companies manufacturing exclusive Farrier tools.

The Mustad beginning

The genesis of Mustad was in Vardal, 1832. Hans Schikkelstad, an ardent farmer started the factory- ‘ Brusveen spiger-of Staltradfabrikk’ for manufacturing nails, steel wire, and various metal products. Behind time, Skikkelstal’s son-in-law Ole Howelsen (1810-1884) took charge of the replacement with his son Hans Mustad (1837-1918) and changed the Company’s name to “O Mustad.” It was further changed to “O Mustad & Son.” Gjøvik (Norway) is the place where the company has formed its headquarters.
If you talk about the transportation system, then it was completely lagging in that small village. The small village was full of slums with a very rare transportation system. And the supplies of any kind of materials was the rarest of all. But Mustad was so determined that through toilsome days and extravagant intelligence, by 1860 they led his company to a primary position in the production of small metal products such as:

Fencing wire (used for fencing work)

Nails (used in households)

Pins (used as stationery)

Fish hooks (used in fishing)

Horseshoe nails (a Farrier product)

Shipbuilding nails (used in shipping work)

Paper clips (used as stationery)

Thumbtacks and plenty of metallic products made up of wires.

Mustad was fast becoming a household name and started playing a pivotal role in Gjovik’s settlers as they were getting employment opportunities.

Further growth and segregation

After Hans Mustad’ demise in 1918, his five sons became co-owners in 1905. The well-liked names followed as Ole Mustad, Jr., Hans Hovind Mustad Mustad, Halfdan Magnus Mustad, Wilhelm Martin Christie Mustad and Nicolai Christian Mustad. Despite the ownership change, the name O. Mustad & Søn was kept. Then gradually, the company witnessed divisions and several branches were thus formed.

Mustad Hoofcare Group

The proud owner, Clarin Mustad continuously looks for ways to improve the production, distribution and market of the respective company. Petter Binde, the Mustad Hoofcare co-CEO leads the sales & distribution sectors of the company. The Mustad Hoofcare Group is one of the pioneers in the hoof care industry. They are one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of Hoof care products across the globe. Mustad serves the requirements of farriers, horse owners and veterinarians. The Mustad Hoofcare market has been actively running for 180 years and continues to be the top-seller in Gjovik and around the Globe.

The finest products that are being manufactured include horseshoe nails, horse hoof rasps, farrier tools boxes and various other items used in equine hoof care.

Some of the products in high demand are:

Mustad premium Ergo Clinchers

Forging hammer 900 grams

Pro-Fit forging hammer 850 grams


Premium Nippers

Gdm Master fuller

Premium pull offs

Premium crease nail pullers

Hammer accessories

Mustad nippers

Nail cutters

Clinching blocks

Hoof knives

Toeing knives






Mustad tool bags

Other brands owned by Mustad

Mustad, St.Croix Forge, Delta, Derby, Pewell, Heller are some of the eminent brands to its portfolio. Apart from horse-equipment, Mustad is one of the best sellers of hooks. They manufacture a wide range of hooks and fishing equipment which are suitable for professionals as well as for the novice anglers. Through rigorous testing and quality control and using the best possible materials, Mustad Group aims to deliver the best in your grip.