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Save Edge

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Save Edge

Save Edge Rasp

The ever-increasing use of horses led to the emergence of farriers (specialists in horses’ hooves services).

Needless to say, they require a tool kit consisting of collective tools that make the job easier, save time, and help keep the horses’ hooves well balanced and resistant to erosion….

Earlier, farriers would make use of their acquired skills and construct tools manually. But in recent times, technology has helped in the production of imperial farrier tools.

Amongst the leading farrier tools manufacturers, “Save Edge” has been victorious to maintain a dignified spot for itself.

About the Company

Save Edge (1976) has its origin in the USA and is probably amongst the largest manufacturer of horse hoof rasps in the world today.

A popular product – ‘The Save Edge Original 14′ rasp has long been an important and useful tool for farriers and hoof-care professionals.

For those unenlightened, a short description of farrier’s rasp has been furnished below:

Hoof care for horses is where the farriers use this multipurpose tool called a “Farrier Rasp”.

It’s like a nail file that enables the farriers to trim down any extra hoof and round up the edges sharply.”

Maxim of Save Edge

Save Edge believes in ” sharp and reliable, with lasting performance.”

Professional craftsmen throughout the world demand a perfect “edge” to their files.

Save Edge became a successful manufacturing company by developing high quality and affordable equine hoof-care products.

Other exclusive range of products

A vast range of rasps, files and sharpeners are listed below:

– The Photo Finish Rasp (for live shoeing competitors)

– 14″ Beast Rasp (trim hooves in fewer strokes)

– 17″ Beast Rasp (for larger horses)

– Anvil devil

– Diamond knife sharpener

– Hook and loop file

– Save Edge rasp handle

– Save Edge veneer sharpener

– Save Edge round rasp

– Plastic handles


Hoof-care is a challenging task and can prove to be difficult if the horse finds it uncomfortable. Hence, it should be ensured that an amalgamation of trained farriers and professional farrier tools are used for the horses’ service.

Save Edge comes as a saviour and contributes towards keeping your horses’ hooves healthy.