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Farrier Tools Box

Horse hooves grow continuously throughout a horse’s life; they need to be trimmed and shaped every 6 to 8 weeks in order to avoid problems. Specialised Farrier tools includeHoof Rasps, Hoof Nippers, Hoof Knives, Clenchers, Hoof Testers, Farrier Driving Hammers, Nail Pullers, Shoe Pullers,Clench Cutters, Buffers, Clench Groover and many more which are used to take care of horse’s hooves. These farrier tools make the job easier, save time, and help keep the horse’s hooves properly balanced, healthy and in good condition.

Hoof Rasps are a must-have tool for all farriers. Using a hoof rasp enables the farrier to keep the horse’s hooves even and level. It is used to finish a trim by rasping off any extra hoof and rounding up the edges. It can also be used to rasp down nails and hoof wall where needed. Once the foot has been trimmed to the right length, it needs to be evened out and made level, and the edges of the hoof rounded slightly so the hoof doesn’t catch on anything. The rasp also gets used at the end of a shoe job to smooth out nails and make sure that the edges of the hoof exactly meet the edges of the horseshoe.


Jim-Blurton-Hoof-Nippers-12-14-or-15--1402-p 1000Hoof Nippers are used to trim around the hoof wall until the foot is the right length.Hoof Nippers are used to cut the hoof wall down to the correct length and to cut off any excessive or damaged sole or hoof area to reduce the need for extra rasping. Hoof Nippers are an essential farriers toolused to remove not only the overgrown hoof, but also to level the edge of the hoof to reduce the amount of rasping that is required. Hoof nippers are also used to trim the frog of the hoof.

Nail Cutters

Nail Cutters are designed for cutting nails sticking out of the hoof wall to the correct length after the horseshoe is attached and before clinching. Nail cutters are shaped like a smaller pair of hoof nippers and can also be used to clip off excess nail once the horseshoe has been nailed onto the hoof. Get your Nail Nippers and many other farrier tools at EASYTRIMLONDON.

Hoof Knives

Hoof Knives Farrier Tools USA UK AustraliaHoof knivesare for trimming away loose dried-out sole. The hoof knife is also used to trim off loose and ragged frog.The hoof knife pares away excess sole, and gets rid of loose, dead frog so that healthy tissue can breathe. There are lots of different kinds of Hoof Knives, includingLoop Knives, Curved Blade Knives, Double-Edged Knives, etc.which can all be found at


Farriers Clencher Tools UK USA AustraliaClenchers are a “curved jaw” style clincher made of high polished steel. This curved jaw style clincher is designed to be easier on the farrier as well as on the horse’s hoof wall.Clinches are used to fold over the nail to make sure the horseshoe stays on the hoof. Two different kinds of clinchers can be used. One has a short, ball-like head and the other an alligator style head. Clinching the nails is one of the final steps of shoeing a horse, followed by other farrier tools. Once the shoe is nailed on the hoof clencher bends the nail down over the hoof wall slightly to help keep the shoe in place.

Gooseneck Clencher

Farrier Clenchers Clinchers ToolThe Gooseneck Clencher is used to clinch nails, ensuring that the nail can be clinched without damaging the smoothness of the hoof wall. Hoof Clencher is a must-have tool for all Farriers who work with Horseshoes. At EASYTRIMLONDON, we provide all types of handmade Farrier supplies, tools and equipment and we deliver to the UK, USA, Australia, Canada as well as the rest of the world.

Hoof Testers

Farriers Hoof Tester Horse Foot TestingHoof Testersare a two-pronged tool that lets a Farrier see where a horse’s foot is sore. It uses a pinching motion to put pressure on different points of the horse’s sole or heel and when the horse reacts to the pressure, that usually indicates a sore spot.

The hoof tester is a very practical farrier tool that allows the farrier to examine the hoof for sensitivity and pain. It is used to help to diagnose various forms of lameness associated with the hoof.

Nail Pullers

nail pincher farrier tools black puller ukNail Pullers are designed for the easy pulling of nails one at a time from the shoe crease. The design of the jaws gives a solid grip of all nail heads with little jaws on the end of the nail pullers, either to get the shoe off before a trim, or to remove a loose nail. The jaws of the nail puller / pincher have a sharp, pointed design. As a result, the puller allows you to easily grasp the hoof nail heads from every horseshoe, even if the nail heads are worn down. The solid rear-side of the jaw makes for exceptional leverage when pulling the nail. The conical hole in the jaws fits almost all nail sizes.  The nail-puller farrier tool is vital for all Farriers who work with Horseshoes.

Shoe Pullers

Farrier Hoof Shoe Puller 12Shoe Pullers / pull-offs are universal shoeing farrier tools for multiple purposes. The width of the jaws enables farriers to easily lift horseshoes of a large variety of sizes or to pull off different types of horseshoes without damaging the foot. The precise and sharp cutting edges are also suited to pinch the nail therefore it can also be used as a nipper. The ribbed outside of the jaws can be used to spread shoes. This pincher can be perfectly used as a clinching block, thanks to the right-angle shape of the cutting-edge outsides. This Shoe Puller is available in two different handle lengths and their jaw sizes are the same. The Shoe Puller is a necessary farrier tool when working with Horseshoes.

Farriers Nail Driving Hammer 12 oz ToolFarrier Hammers

Driving/nailing hammer – This farrier tool is a premium quality hammer which gets the nails through the horse’s feet so the horseshoes stay on. It’s shaped like a claw hammer, and the claws are used to break off the excess nail.

Rounding hammer – This type of hammer is used to shape the horseshoes themselves. It has a convex face, and is used on a hot horseshoe when it comes out of the forge.

As you can see, there are many different kinds of farrier tools used in the care of horses, each with their own specific purpose.Browse our range of professional Farrier Tools & Supplies at EASYTRIMLONDON today.