Hoof Clenchers Are Essential Farrier Tools In The Horseshoeing Process!

The Hoof Clencher is a must-have farrier tool that works well for horses and their farriers, it assists with natural horse hoof care and is a great quality product that will be part of your farrier toolbox for a long time.

Hoof Clenchers (also known as Hoof Clinchers) are one of the last farrier tools used in the process of shoeing a horse. They are used to tighten nails after they have been cut to length, without damaging the smoothness of the hoof wall, ensuring that horseshoes stay on the horse’s hooves.

There are many things to love about this handy little farrier tool:

  • It clinches nails without damaging the smoothness of the hoof wall.
  • The hoof clencher is made from chrome steel.
  • It serves as a solid farrier tool for use for both starters and experienced professionals.
  • Clencher Clincher Farrier hoof Tools Black

There are two main different kinds of clinchers – clenchers with an ‘alligator-style’ head and clenchers with a ball-like head. Many farriers may find that they have a preference of one over the other.

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