Hoof Nippers Cutters Are Must-Have Tools For Horse Care!

The Hoof Nipper is a tool that works well for horses and their farriers, it assists with natural horse hoof care and is a great quality product that will be part of your farrier toolbox for a long time.

Hoof nippers (also known as hoof cutters) are the first tools used in trimming and caring for your horse’s hoof. They are used in trimming away excess hoof wall and beautifully shaping the horse’s hoof. In removing the excess overgrown hoof and following the natural shape of the hoof, you are maintaining your horse’s foot health as it can become prone to lameness and problems with walking if the overgrown hoof is not remedied.

There are many things to love about this handy little tool:

  • It provides wide cutting edges.
  • Its solid geometrics offer reliable cutting, even under tough conditions.
  • The exact touch point prevents the cutting blades from touching, keeping them sharp and in good condition for a long time after purchasing.
  • The blade is made from chromium stainless steel.
  • It serves as a solid tool for daily use for both starters and experienced professionals.

It is usually available in three sizes – 12”, 14” and 15”:

The different sizes of this product are suitable for different purposes, allowing you to purchase the one that is best for you – for example, the 12” hoof nipper is ideal for the hoof maintenance of foals and other smaller-hoofed animals, whereas the 14” and 15” hoof nippers provide more leverage and are great for those with larger hands.

It is very important to identifywhich hoof nipper will work best for you – this will depend on the size of the horse’s feet as well as your own hands so have a browse through our products and see which one suits you best!