Horse Hoof Care Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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H Which is the best way to use hoof testers?

Horse Hoof Tester Cattle

First, the horse’s foot should be thoroughly cleaned before you test the horse’s hooves using a hoof tester. Next you should begin from the heel area of the foot. If you are testing for a hot nail just place one side of the hoof tester on the inside of the shoe and the other side above the clinch of the nail on the outside of the hoof. You may find that the horse will react by attempting to pull away its leg when a painful area is being tested.

Gradually move to the quarter region, applying an equal amount of pressure to each location. The hoof testers should then be moved to other areas of the toe as these are known spots for bruises and abscesses. The same procedure mentioned above should be performed on the opposite side of the foot. Place one side of the hoof tester in the center of the frog and the other side in the middle of the quarter or heel area. Applying pressure in this region will test for navicular problems. On the opposite side of the foot, perform the same procedure as mentioned above. Place one side of the hoof tester over the center of the frog and the other side on the hoof wall region of the toe. This test will also check for and find any navicular problems. Place each side of the hoof tester over the heel area of the hoof. Place each side of the hoof tester grip over the ends of the navicular bone. This is the third test which is performed to look for navicular bone problems.

What are hoof testers used for?

Hoof testers are used to find the location of any painful regions in the foot of a horse. Hoof testers are very important tools for farriers & veterinarians. Hoof testers are far more effective and specific than tapping the hoof with a hammer. A hoof tester can be used to locate bruised or punctured areas of the horse’s foot. A hoof tested can also be used to diagnose foot bone diseases or other injuries. Hoof testers are used for simple and quick diagnosis when abscesses, navicular disease or laminitis are suspected.