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Horse Hoof Care Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We have compiled a list of our frequently asked questions and we hope that these are useful for you. If you have any question which isn’t mentioned herein then please get in touch with us via email and we will do our best to advise you as soon as possible.


What is a hoof nipper?

Hoof Cutters Nippers

A hoof nipper is a steel tool used by farriers to trim the hooves of horses. The hoof nipper comes in different length sizes from 10 inches to 15 inches and the nipper resembles regular pliers, except that the nipper has sharp cutting edges which easily cut away excess hoof wall. To develop a pair of high-quality nippers there are so many steps involved such as drop forging chrome steel, aligning and sharpening the blades by hand, coating and polishing the nipper to a perfect finish.

Which are the best hoof nippers?

Perfection is key when designing and manufacturing hoof nippers. We believe that all top-of the-range hoof nippers have been developed quite similarly with the same objective in the way that they work in the hands of the farrier – there is however a huge price difference between nippers from different brands. It takes testing to find out exactly which hoof nipper works best and offers great value.

How do you use nippers?

When the time comes for Hoof trimming you must start by nipping the hoof wall. Simply start at one heel, and work your way around to the toe before going on to the other heel, and work your way back to the toe until you have removed excess length from the hoof wall all the way around. It is best practice to nipper off a little less material than you feel is necessary because the next stage, which is Rasping will also remove away some additional material.

How do you sharpen hoof nippers?

A good pair of hoof nippers can last for years, especially if wiped clean after use, oiled slightly and wrapped in cloth or placed back into original packaging and stored in a cool dry area. We definitely advise against the sharpening of hoof nippers if unskilled because you may actually destroy them. It takes great skill and knowledge to sharpen nippers and should be left for the experts.