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Horse Hoof Care Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compiled a list of our frequently asked questions and we hope that these are useful for you. If you have any question which isn’t mentioned herein then please get in touch with us via email and we will do our best to advise you as soon as possible.


How to use a horse hoof nail puller?

Nail Puller Farrier Nails Clincher

The nail puller fits tightly inside the groove of the horseshoe so that you can grab both sides of a horseshoe nail. Using a little and gentle leverage the nail will easily be loosened in the shoe and simply pulled out.

This tried and tested method allows for a single nail to be removed from the horseshoe without removing the actual shoe away from the hoof. This is very useful during the horseshoeing process when the farrier feels that a particular single nail should be removed.

Nail pullers also make the horseshoe removal task far more easier for vets or horse owners who are not as competent as a professional farrier – This type of task is sometime performed as a matter of urgency if the horse is lame or if the shoe is alarmingly loose or has moved on the hoof for example.

Removing nails one at a time using nail pullers means less effort to the user compared to when using a combination of other farrier tools such as clench cutters, driving hammers and shoe pull-offs.

Nail Pullers Hoof

How are horseshoe nails removed or extracted?

Nail pullers are considered amongst the best of farrier tools when removing horseshoe nails is the main task. Nail pullers definitely can make the job so much easier. Nail Pullers are not always considered a vital part of shoe removal but for inexperienced owners trying to remove a shoe the nail pullers can be extremely helpful. The nail pullers remove the nails from the crease in the horse’s shoe from beneath. To effectively use the nail-puller you should grab the nail and lever forwards and backwards up until the nail has risen from the shoe and then use either the nail pullers or pull-offs to completely take the nail out of the shoe. Once you have removed all the nails there is nothing holding the shoe in place. Note that if the shoe is particularly worn or if the shoe is almost completely flat and without a groove then using nail pullers might not be the best option. In such cases you should use a buffer and hammer to make your task easier, and to ensure extra comfort for your horse.

How should I loosen a horse shoe?

To loosen and remove a horse shoe, you will need a few specialist farriers’ tools such as a buffer with a blade and a farrier’s hammer which is of a comfortable weight for you. You will also need a pair of pinchers and a hoof rasp.

Ensure that both you and your horse are relaxed and happily ready for the hoof care task ahead. Next find each clench which is the tip or head of the nail and then position the blade of the buffer between it and the hoof wall. Softly tap the buffer with the hammer to straighten out any hooked nail ends. The alternative technique used by professional farrier is to take the horse foot forward and position it on a stool and then rasp off the clench hook, leaving only the straight nail. Working on individual nails the pincher can be used to pull at the head of each nail and remove it from the shoe. If you struggle to get a grip on any particular nail head just position the pincher ends around the side of the shoe at the heel, then pinch the handles together and carefully rock them away from yourself. This should bring the shoe away from the foot and thus freeing any stubborn nail heads.