Horseshoe Pullers Are Brilliant Multi-Purpose Tools For Farriers!

The Horseshoe Puller is a farrier tool that works well for horses and their farriers, it assists with natural horse hoof care and is a great quality product that will be part of your farrier toolbox for a long time.

Horseshoe Pullers (also known as Pull-Offs) are universal shoeing tools that serve multiple purposes. They are used to remove horseshoes in emergency situations after the nails have been unclinched by the farrier using a clinching block – this is in order to reduce the damage which would occur if the horseshoes were pulled off whilst the clinches were still tight. The width of the jaws allows farriers to easily lift off horseshoes of a large variety of sizes or to pull off different types of horseshoes. As the precise and sharp cutting edges are also suited to pinch the nail, this farrier tool can be used as a hoof nipper as well and the ribbed outside of the jaws can be used to spread horseshoes. Not only this, but this pincher can be perfectly used as a clinching block, thanks to the right-angle shape of the cutting-edge outsides.

There are many things to love about this brilliant farrier tool:

• It allows farriers to easily remove different types and sizes of horseshoes.
• It is made from durable chromium stainless steel.
• It is a solid farrier tool that can also serve many other purposes.
• It comes in two different sizes – 12” and 14”.

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