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Lincolnshire Uses EASYTRIMLONDON Farrier Tools & Supplies Equipment

Lincolnshire is a county situated in the East Midland area of England, and has around 2687 square miles which are home to a population of over 755, 000.

The great county of Lincolnshire has a long coastline on the North Sea to the east of the county. Lincolnshire borders many other large areas – it has Norfolk to the south-east, to the south is Cambridge, Rutland to the south-west, on the west it has the popular cities of Leicester and Nottingham, South Yorkshire to the north-west, and to the north is the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Lincolnshire’s border city list doesn’t stop there as it also borders Northampton, which includes the market town of Daventry in the south, but for only 20 yards, this makes this particular border area England’s shortest county boundary.

There is a very large equestrian community in Lincolnshire with over 17 equestrian centers where the art of horse riding can be learned. There are a large number of horses in the area with 17 popular horse stables where horses are well cared for.

With so many horses and equestrians in such a large county EASYTRIMLONDON is usually kept quite busy with daily orders for farrier tools supplies and horse hoof care equipment, and also with online pet grooming tool orders. We have a 100% 5-star feedback rating from our dear customers’ in Lincolnshire because we dispatch orders of farrier tools supplies on the same day and send items by fast next day 1st class post.

EASYTRIMLONDON is honored to have so many valued customers from the county of Lincolnshire and we will continue to serve our existing, and our new customers with the same great quality farrier tools and supplies at the best prices in the world.

Sometimes we get asked why our prices are lower than the prices of other retailers, and the answer is quite easy to understand – we manage the design, development and production of our farrier tools ourselves, there are no distributors involved and no third party retailers, and for that reason our customers are buying directly from the source and without middle-men.

Another interesting point about EASYTRIMLONDON is that we are the only farrier tools & equipment supplies brand which has a complete range of different handmade farrier and pet grooming tools anywhere in the world. Our range includes different models of hoof Rasp, hoof nippers, shoe pullers, hoof knife, clench cutters, nail pullers, farrier hammers and so much more!

The photos above are of our well sought-after Radius Rasp – The black is Coarse and the white is Fine, both feature integrated magnets, precision rulers and replaceable steel blades. For more information and to order please see our Radius Rasp category.

We will always do our best to ensure that every purchase from us is a pleasurable experience for our customers.