Pet Stripping Knives Are The Best Tools For Pet

The Pet Stripping Knife is a tool that works well for pets and their owners, it assists with natural coat maintenance and is a great quality product that will be part of your pet’s care routine for a long time.

Coarse Red Pet Stripping knife




Pet Stripping Knives are used to quickly remove your pet’s dead hair or fur to clear away the old top coat of your pet in order to allow the new coat to come through, helping to maintain a healthy-looking coat and to tidy up your pet’s appearance. As well as this,the grooming process with pet stripping knives is pain-free meaning that you can easily care for even the most anxious of pets.

There are many things to love about this handy little tool:

  • It assists with terrier and wire coat stripping.
  • It has a comfortable natural wood handle.
  • The blade is made from anti-static stainless steel.
  • The blade is extremely durable and rust proof.
  • It comes with a leather case for safe and easy storage.

The blades come in fine, medium and coarse shapes:

The different designs of this product are suitable for different purposes, allowing you to purchase the one that is best for you – for example, the fine stripping knives are ideal for the maintenance of your pet’s coat on the face, ears and feet, whereas the medium stripping knives are ideal for finer work on the legs, tail and head and overall body work and the coarse stripping knives are ideal for overall body work and blending.

It is very important to identify which pet stripping knife is the most suitable for you – this will depend on your pet’s coat and how much of your pet’s hair you wish to remove. Have a browse through our wide range of shapes and styles within this product category and see which one suits you best!