Hoof Knives

EASYTRIMLONDON Hoof Knives are available in so many different types, and each type has a sharpcut blade with an especially unique shape and design. The hoof knife is used to clean up exfoliating sole, to trim shedding frog, and to cut the bars. We supply many variants in Loop Blade, Standard blade, Curved blade, Short blade and Wide blade which are available for both right-handed and left-handed farriers’ or horse owners. We also supply double-sided hoof knives with solid & sharp trimming blades. Farriers’ and Equestrians in the UK and in International destinations can genuinely rely upon EASYTRIMLONDON for great quality supplies of Farrier horseshoeing tools. We offer a broad range of products that are of supreme standards which will always guarantee reliability and longevity due to their advanced geometrics – these are the result of our attention to detail efforts when developing our hoof knives and farriers tools. Choose from size Small, Medium or Large Hoof Knife blade types which are fitted to beautiful smooth wood or multi-colour layered handles, some also come with molded plastic handles that will provide an enhanced grip in wet conditions. Each Hoof knife in our huge range of knives is thoroughly tested by professional farriers’ who are experts in the field and are well-versed in handling top-of-the-line Farrier tools in the UK. Our various hoof trimming tool sizes are perfect for any horse size. All our hoof knives are great trimming tools and are available for you in the UK, and also ready to be shipped to our esteemed customers in Europe, USA, Canada, South America and all the way to New Zealand & Australia via our amazingly fast delivery services.