Hoof Nippers

Our hoof nippers are available in different models, sizes, colours and designs and all are in stock at truly great prices only at EASYTRIMLONDON. The 14” Hoof Nipper in silver is our most sought after Nipper, but we have many other heavy-duty sizes available from 10” to 15” which are suitable for different sizes of horse hooves, and some are offered with well-fitted grip handles in attractive colours, whilst others are finished with the most immaculate black coating, some of our cutters are enriched with an added sparkle which no other manufacturer can offer. Sparkling but Solid, our Farrier tools are unrivalled – and this is what makes us the World’s Market Leader for Farriers Equipment having the best quality, the widest range and genuinely fair prices for Farriers and Equestrians. We are a renowned farrier tools and equipment supplier in the UK, our world class horse hoof care tools are designed and developed in London, England. Our team at EASYTRIMLONDON are subject matter experts when it comes to designing and hand-crafting world-class hoof nippers using the best quality robust chromium steel. Our Farrier Tools are perfectly reliable for all your horseshoeing and hoof care tasks, they also offer great durability and longevity. From narrow to wide sharp cutting edges, we have multiple models including the 15″ spring loaded hoof nippers and many other types of hoof cutters. You can order almost any model in four different sizes from 12, 13, 14 and 15 inches to ensure that they are suitable for any horse size. All products shown are available in stock at our UK distribution centre and are ready to be shipped to our valued customers in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, South America and all the way to New Zealand & Australia by our amazingly fast delivery service!