Hoof Testers

Hoof testers are used to find the location of any painful regions in the foot of a horse. These are very important tools for farriers & veterinarians. Hoof testers are far more effective and specific than tapping the hoof with a hammer. This testing tool can be used to locate bruised or punctured areas of the horse’s foot. This special tool can also be used to diagnose foot bone diseases or other injuries and is used for simple and quick diagnosis when abscesses, navicular disease or laminitis are suspected. Hoof testing is amongst the most sensitive tasks for a farrier expert because a little mistake may cause injury to the horse. Along with experience, your tool must also be in perfect working condition. Our hoof tester will surely serve the intended purpose when you use it to apply pressure on horse hooves to identify the pain-points, whether they are punctured wounds or bruising. For any assistance feel free to contact our customer care representatives. The World’s leading EASYTRIMLONDON specialist farrier tools are available in the UK, and are ready to be shipped to our equestrian clients in the whole of Europe, the USA, Canada, South America and all the way to New Zealand & Australia by our lightning fast delivery service.