Nail Pullers

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Farrier Nail Pullers

Our Nail Pullers will remove all types of old or worn nails even if they are very worn down, the conical holes in the jaws provide a solid grip and can easily remove any nail.

We have specifically designed and developed the jaws of our nail pullers to grasp the horseshoe nail heads on both sides and with just a small amount of leverage the nail can be loosened in the shoe and swiftly removed. This is a great tool if you need to remove just one or two nails without the removing the shoe itself. These essential Farrier tools are made with supreme chromium stainless-steel with a slight difference in their heads. Available in Silver or Black these tools are a must-have for Farriers, and for keen Equestrians. Without this special tool one would be required to use the help of a Clench Cutter and Hammer, but the process of removing an old horseshoe would take much longer and require more effort on your part, and of course more patience on the part of your horse. We can help you in choosing between our different models of nail pullers which are usually available in different sizes and some are built with a comfortable and attractive grip handle which provides for additional ease of use when working in wet conditions, and also offers a unique aesthetic effect which both you and your horse will love! 

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