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Pet Scissors

EASYTRIMLONDON stock a wide range of great quality scissors with the lowest online prices. A good rule of thumb when you buy pet grooming scissors is to get the very best you can.

Our Dog grooming scissors are the most effective, most attractive and guaranteed to be on sale at the lowest price online. These are not only used for Dogs, they are perfect pet grooming tools which are suitable for grooming dogs, cats and also horses! Pet Grooming Scissors are truly invaluable tools when trimming your dog’s coat is required. Trimming is very important for your pet, trimming your pet’s long hair prevents all types of parasites from hiding inside the Dog or Cat coat, and it can also eliminate potential tripping hazards. Regular trimming definitely leads to a much cleaner and less matted coat on your pet.

Always have your dog neat and tidy by regularly using EASYTRIMLONDON scissors for grooming your pet. Whether your companion’s coat requires regular maintenance or perhaps just the occasional tidy, you will discover all types of great tools you need right here. In addition to supplying great quality shears in the most beautiful designs at the best online prices, we also supply rakes and pet stripping knives. EASYTRIMLONDON is sometimes called the real deal when it comes to pet care products.

Your dog grooming toolkit should be updated with our range of top-quality scissors. Our dog grooming scissors will provide you with the cutting edge in the world of grooming, we offer a very vast range to suit different breeds and coats. Try our classic straight dog grooming scissors or choose from our Entree range of curved scissors for precise angulation and to follow contours. For specialist coats on pets, you can browse through our blenders, thinners and chunkers which are designed to present the ultimate finish. We usually supply right handed grooming scissors, but if you are left handed and would like a specific model just send us an email and we will do our best to provide it to you as soon as possible.

We have many models for you to choose from and you’ll find many sizes and styles in a range of price options. Enjoy shopping through our pet grooming categories, indeed we are here to help in keeping your pet healthy and happy!

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