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Pet Stripping Knife

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Pet Stripping Knife

We encounter numerous pet owners who are looking for a very specific pet stripping knife to groom their pets. In order to provide them with a perfect service we supply supreme quality pet stripping knives….

The edges of our stripping knives are designed with adequate sharpness and angles for stripping. You can choose from different types of cat & dog grooming knives.Pet grooming should be done every 4 weeks for hygiene purposes and for your pet’s well-being. By regularly removing old coat and fur you will maintain a healthy coat and skin, Your Pet will look and smell great, Shiny, healthy and properly brushed coats will shed less.

You will also remove parasites and bacteria – Having a well-groomed, clean, and nice smelling pet around the house means that your house will be less likely to have bad odors gathering around you and your family.

You don’t have to vacuum clean your house every day if you keep up with the grooming. You’re also eliminating and preventing fleas and ticks from settling in as well.

EASYTRIMLONDON is the World’s Market Leader for Pet Grooming Tools. Our Pet Stripping tools are designed and manufactured with your and your pet’s ease and comfort in mind.

The fine, medium and coarse blades are available in precisely designed shapes for stripping coat from different areas of the pet’s body.

In order to maintain coat and to keep it in top condition, all coat styles require specific grooming. The coat needs to be washed, brushed, and well-kept so that pets remain comfortable and safe. Using a pet stripping knife, you can eliminate dead coat, establish structure, and preserve the right coat texture/colour for any breed. In normal circumstances show dogs with wire coats are hand stripped with a pet stripping knife to achieve best results.

For the Show Ring, several of the Terrier breeds as well as some Sports, Hound and Toy breeds are hand stripped. Knowing the grooming requirements of the breed and having a clear understanding of what the expected results should look like are important considerations before getting started.

Hand stripping is a grooming technique that entails plucking/pulling out the fur of the dog or cat, often in the direction it rises. In nature, the activities of dogs and cats allow for their coat to get trapped in weeds and sticks, and the fur would easily come out quite painlessly rather than get to twisted like a thicker, silkier hair type would. Wire coated dogs have something called a releasing hair follicle.

The methods used for stripping depend on the breed itself, the type of coat and how the job needs to be performed precisely.

Generally, stripping the coat is split into three sections:

Flatwork (head, cheeks, ears, line of the jaw and line of the neck downwards)

The jacket (the sides and back)

The furniture (legs, beard, eyebrows)

Hand stripping is a procedure that takes time and is based on fine detail, which is why it can appear more appealing to shave a dog. Shaving a Wire Cover, however, damages the correct texture/colour of the coat and is not permitted for the Show Ring.

The method of hand stripping requires squeezing and dragging the hair properly. Make sure that each hair is tightly clenched between either the thumb and the side of the forefinger or the thumb and the blade in order to grip the hair. Be sure to pull straight back in the direction of the growth for best results.

This can get tricky around the bottom area, and where the hair develops in all different ways on the sides of the body. Remember, don’t pull upwards and away from the dog or against the fur grain. To stop breaking the coat, your hand should match the path of the dog’s body, with your wrist held straight. When you use a stripping knife, make sure that the razor angle is positioned for optimum stripping.

In certain cases, to apply the ideal technique in the best possible way, you could rake out the undercoat. In this case, in the way the fur rises, you should use a dull stripping knife laid flat against the dog and literally rake or comb through the coat.

You can only see the fuzzy, fluffy undercoat appear in the teeth of the knife when finished. If you notice rough coat in the knife or if no under coat is removed it indicates that your technique needs improving.

It takes some practice & development of skills to hand strip a coat to show standards. Our best advice is to follow the above instructions and get started with a pet stripping knives set which includes most sizes and types.