Radius Rasp

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Radius Rasp

Radius Rasps are available in coarse and fine variants, in black and white colours. The Radius Rasps are excellent farrier tools that were created with your comfort and convenience in mind when trimming.

When a smooth, glossy mustang roll appearance is sought on the margins of the hoof wall, the Radius Rasps are unsurpassed.

The Coarse and Fine versions include powerful in-built magnets that allow them to be connected to hoof stands or other metal surfaces during hoof care activities. This is a very useful feature since it keeps your radius rasp close at reach.

The finger groove lets you to drive with rapid and light-handed strokes to either remove material or achieve the cleanest finish on the hoof wall edges, and a handy CM/MM measuring ruler on the side assures precision. The Coarse model is utilised to remove excess hoof material, while the Fine model helps in obtaining a high-quality final finish.

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