Radius Rasp

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Radius Rasp

Browse through our farrier tools which include the very best radius rasp in different models, and in beautiful colours. These pro farrier tools are specially designed and manufactured with your comfort and ease in mind.

Our easy to use tools trim away excess material from horse’s hooves and are unrivalled when a smooth and shiny mustang roll effect is desired on the edges of the hoof wall. We supply many types of Radius Rasp and they serve different purposes, our Coarse & Fine models are equipped with powerful in-built magnets so that they can be attached to hoof stands or other metal areas during hoof care tasks, this proves to be a highly convenient feature as it keeps your radius rasp close to hand. A useful CM/MM measurement ruler on the side ensures precision, and the finger groove allows you to drive with quick and light-handed strokes to either remove material effortlessly or to create the smoothest finish on the hoof wall edges.This is a handy tool which fits into your pocket.

This product is cherished by many, and because we also supply replacement blades at great prices it means that this tool can be part of your professional farrier toolbox or equestrian kit for a very long time.

Our original hoof trimming tools are suitable for any horse size and are used by pro farriers all over the world.

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