Shoe Pullers

Farrier horseshoeing tools such as Horseshoe Pullers or Pull-Offs must be strong enough to execute the toughest of tasks precisely and without damaging the wall of the hoof. If the head of your farrier shoe-puller has worn too soon you should try our chromium stainless-steel models... Sometimes shoes that are tweaked a little can be noticed, perhaps the end is slightly pulled away from the foot. On occasion the shoe is twisted, and sometimes there are nails and clips which have deviated and are far from properly fitted. In such situations, the shoe will need to be pulled in order to prevent injury and to prevent the nails or shoes from causing damage to the legs or other part of the horse’s body. Farrier clinchers and horseshoe pullers are amongst the most important tools you will probably use when it comes to taking great care of your horse’s hooves. Being able to remove horse’s shoes is a great skill to have and it can be developed with patience, practice if you have the best tools. If you find that you must help your horse in an emergency it is always reassuring to know how nails and shoes are to be correctly removed. Indeed, you can ask your farrier to show you how to remove a shoe, but it is even better to work with your farrier or vet at some point to see how it is done first-hand. We supply universal sized shoeing tools for pulling out horseshoes of different sizes, our horseshoe pullers are normally available in different lengths and jaw sizes. Choose between the best of shoe pullers which are most definitely going to be best suited to your horse size. We always provide fast delivery across the globe. Our supreme quality Farrier Tools including our shoe pullers are supplied to the UK, USA and all the way to Australia!