Pet Grooming Rake 30 Blade Comb

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> Pet Grooming Comb Rake
> 30 blade
> Quality wood & steel instrument

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Pet Grooming Rake 30 Blade Comb

Carefully remove dead hair or lint from the undercoat without damaging new hair. This rake is specially designed to extract loose hairs while being as gentle as possible. Ideal for animals with coarse hair that is easily matted and a must-have for all Pet owners. Complete with a sturdy wooden handle for a comfortable grip.

  • EasyTrimLondon Pet Grooming Rake 30 Blade Comb
  • Ideal for pets with coarse hair
  • Natural wood handle for comfortable grip
  • Anti-static sharp stainless-steel
  • Laser print
  • Length 18 cm
  • Weight 142g

Weight 142 g
Dimensions 18 × 10.5 × 2.5 cm