3rd Millennium Flat Frog Support Pad

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> Flat Frog Support Pad
> Provides more Traction
> Chevron Moulded frog Support


3rd Millennium Flat Frog Support Pad

3rd Millennium Flat Frog Support pads are made from clear elastomeric polyurethane. They are extremely durable and can be used several times. The material’s clarity allows you to precisely position the frog support, which is very useful when treating with laminitis. They essentially shift the load to the area where evolution equipped the horse with a “natural” shock absorber. The frog and digital cushion support the bony column. To prevent debris infiltration and offer entire support, use in combination with the P3 support system. The “chevron” style moulded frog support adds greater traction. These pads, when used in conjunction with P3 instead of mesh, allow you to preserve the shoe section’s grip while keeping the total completed shoeing lighter.

The frog support section on each of the three sizes, small, medium, and large, has varied depths of section.
The small pad is 6mm thick, the medium is 8mm thick, and the big pad is 10mm thick. This allows the frog support to bear weight on the ground.
If you’re using an 8mm section shoe with a large pad, you should rasp or linish the frog support down from 10mm to the same depth as the shoe to avoid putting too much strain on that area.

  • 3rd Millennium Flat Frog Support Pad
  • Made from Elastomeric polyurethane
  • Because of the transparency of the material, you can precisely position the frog support
  • The bony column is supported by the frog and the digital cushion
  • More traction is provided by the chevron type moulded frog support
  • Use in conjunction with the P3 support system to prevent debris ingress and provide complete support
  • Extremely durable and can be used several times
  • Available in different sizes, small, medium and large


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