3rd Millennium Wedge Frog Support Pad

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> Wedge Frog Support Pad
> Relieves Pressure on the Heels
> 3 Degree Angle Integrally Moulded

Extra Large

3rd Millennium Wedge Frog Support Pad

The wedge frog support pads from 3rd Millennium are made of the same high-quality material as the flat frog support pads. The wedge frog support pads are designed not to collapse throughout the shoeing process and are very shock absorbent. The Farrier can correct the HPA of horses that are unable to grow enough heel to allow them to dress the foot correctly with a 3 degree integrally moulded frog support.

Frog support relieves pressure on the heels, allowing them to better heel growth.  Because the material is non-abrasive, it protects the heels from being rubbed away by frequent flexion on a shoe. Ideal for unloading DDFT in horses with Navicular Syndrome and for collapsing underrun heels.

  • Wedge Frog Support Pad for the Third Millennium
  • Designed to keep from collapsing during the shoeing process
  • Frog support with a 3 degree angle that is integrally moulded
  • Protects the heels from rubbing away due to repeated flexing
  • The frog support takes the pressure off heels
  • Excellent quality material
  • Shock-absorbent to a high degree


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