Dual Side Coarse and Fine Hoof Rasp 14″

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> Horse Hoof Rasp
> Coarse & Fine sides
> Size 14″

Dual Side Coarse and Fine Hoof Rasp 14″

The Dual Side Hoof Rasp will aid you in grooming and maintaining your horse’s hoofs. The sharp, coarse & fine sides are designed to remove hoof material while exerting little effort. The large surface area gets the job done faster while effortlessly levelling and flattening the hoof wall. The side with the rasp effect has a concentrated pattern with sharp teeth which are mid-sized to help prevent clogging. 

  • EasyTrimLondon Dual Horse Hoof Rasp
  • Coarse, serrated and fine sides
  • Rasp Length 14”
  • Weight: 515 grams

Weight 755 g
Dimensions 35.5 × 3.5 × 0.7 cm