Easyfit Polo 19 x 8 – Hind Side Clip

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SIZE 4(3 3/4")
SIZE 5(5")
SIZE 6 (5 1/4")
Box Of 10 Pairs

Easyfit Polo pony shoes are in the elite class . These are available with a side clip which provides maximised traction, the Easyfit Polo shoes also feature a handed hunter inside heel. Singular stud holes in each shoe are placed in compliance with international polo regulations. Developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, with high quality UK rolled steel which ensures a quality and consistent fit.

Key features include:

Well pitched nail holes that are exceptionally clean
Handed hunter inside heel on hind shoes
Blocked heels
Stud holes are hot punched and tapped for 3/8 stud
Consistent size and shape



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