GE Easy Racetrack Hoof Nippers EZ

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> GE EZ Racetrack Nippers
> Chrome Vanadium Steel
> Size 14″

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GE Easy Racetrack Hoof Nippers EZ

The GE Racetrack EZ Hoof Nippers is well known as the racetrack nipper. This top of the line instrument features a narrower head and a sharper trimming tip in contrast to standard GE Nippers. Crafted in California, USA, by GE Forge and Tool, and finished with a gloss of polished steel.

  • GE Racetrack Nippers
  • Forged with Chromium Vanadium Steel
  • Size 14″
  • Weight approx. 680 grams
  • Made in the USA

Weight 900 g