Heller Black Legend Rasp

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> Larger tooth size
> Ideal in wet & humid weather conditions
> Additional coating improves wear resistance


Heller Black Legend Rasp

Just like the Heller Legend, Heller Black Legend Rasp features larger tooth angles. This tool for specialist farriers is ideal for outdoor use on damp or moist feet. The additional coating on the Black Legend improves wear resistance and the farrier prefers this tool when working in wet conditions.

With less effort, the sharp, fine side of the rasp enables easier trimming and a smooth finish.


  • Heller Black Legend Rasp
  • Size 14″
  • Ideal for softer horn
  • Larger tooth angle
  • Ideal in wetter humid weather conditions, preventing the rasp side from clogging
  • Additional coating on the Black Legend improves wear resistance


Length 355.6 mm
Width 44 mm
Thickness 5 mm
Teeth per row 6

All weather


Weight 800 g