Heller Black Master Rasp

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> Great hoof rasp for every day use
> Suitable for dry weather conditions
> Ideal for hard and dry hooves

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Heller Black Master Rasp

The Heller Black Master Hoof Rasp has been developed for hardened dry hooves and provides extra durability. Smaller rasping teeth with more of a concentrated pattern provide for efficient hoof trimming in dry environments, and the black master is  ideal for use with Horses that have harder hooves. The Black Master Hoof Rasp is treated with special surface treatment at the Heller factory, and this extends the longevity of the rasp.


  • Small tooth pattern
  • Enhanced concentrated tooth pattern which makes it ideal for hard dry horse hooves
  • Designed for dry weather conditions
  • File pattern creates efficient removal of hoof with little effort leaving a smooth surface
  • Great hoof rasp for every day use


Length 355.6 mm
Width 44 mm
Thickness 5 mm
Teeth per row 6


Indoor, Dry


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