Heller Red Tang Rasp File

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> Great hoof rasp for every day use
> Suitable for dry weather conditions
> Ideal for hard and dry hooves

Single Rasp
Box of 5

Heller Red Tang Rasp

Heller Red Tang Rasp features sharp fine teeth which are able to remove hoof material effortlessly. Especially suitable to file hard and dry horse hooves, the Red Tang horse hoof file is a popular choice for sport horses.

The rasp features 3 trimming sides to ensure a well-finished level surface. Overall a very popular hoof trimming rasp which is used by professional farriers.


  • Heller Red Tang Rasp File
  • Available as 14″ Single or as Box of 5
  • Smaller tooth design
  • Enhanced concentrated tooth pattern which makes it ideal for hard dry horse hooves
  • File pattern creates efficient removal of hoof with little effort leaving a smooth surface
  • Designed for dry weather conditions
  • Great hoof rasp for every day use


Length 355.6 mm
Width 44 mm
Thickness 5 mm
Teeth per row 6


Indoor, Dry


Weight 799 g
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Single Rasp, Box of 5