Hoof Knife Supreme Sharp-Edge Brass-End

£22.99 ex VAT

> Curved Blade With an Optional Hoof Pick
> Brass Inlay for Grip and Protection
> Quality Steel Blade

Hoof Knife Supreme Sharp-Edge Brass-End

A useful tool to use during the hot fitting process, the unique, specialised shape prevents the knife from slipping. The curved blade permits a clean cut each time and allows you to get into the hard to reach areas for the best upkeep of your horse’s hooves. Complete with a durable wooden handle for a comfortable grip. 

Ideal for horse owners and professional farriers. 

  • EasyTrimLondon Hoof Knife Supreme
  • Sharp curved blade
  • The unique design helps prevent slippage
  • Wood Handle with Brass end

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 21.5 × 4 × 3 cm