EasyTrimLondon Radius Rasp Coarse

£36.99 ex VAT

> Barefoot trimming Radius rasp
> Excellent Grip & Control
> Replaceable Coarse blade

EasyTrimLondon Radius Rasp Coarse

Remove excess material from a horse’s hoof faster and easier than ever using this pocket-sized EasyTrimLondon Radius Rasp. The curved surface makes working on the wall of a hoof easy, while the concave shape is specifically intended to remove the wall horn from an arc, making the wall edge round with precision. 

In comparison to conventional rasps, which generate straight level surfaces, this is the ideal instrument for removing hoof material from hoof walls. The ergonomic shape allows you to effortlessly grip the rasp with one hand, allowing your other hand to hold the Horse’s hoof for optimal control and a perfect end result. 

Professional Farriers and horse owners will find this tool requisite whenever a perfect hoof trimming requirement arises. Available in coarse and fine models, all of which are built to be practical and efficient. The inbuilt magnet allows the rasp to attach itself to any metal surface, allowing you to keep it at close reach.

The finger groove lets you move with rapid and light-handed strokes to achieve the cleanest finish on the hoof wall edges, while the CM/MM measuring ruler guarantees that you can’t go wrong with symmetry. 

  • Radius rasp coarse
  • Fitted SharpCUT blade (replaceable part – hammer in or out)
  • Powerful integrated magnet
  • Finger groove
  • Cm/mm measurement ruler for symmetry
  • Weight: 340g
  • Colour: black

Weight 340 g
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 9 cm