EasyTrimLondon Radius Rasp Fine

£29.99 ex VAT

> Barefoot Trimming Radius Rasp
> Excellent Grip & Control
> Replaceable Fine blade

EasyTrimLondon Radius Rasp Fine

This specialised EasyTrimLondon Radius Rasp Fine was created to assist you in giving your horses hooves a Mustang Roll finish. The curved surface makes using the rasp effortless, while the concave shape was designed to remove the wall horn from an arc making the wall edge rounding a quicker process with a higher level of precision. 

In comparison to standard rasps that create flat surfaces, this device aids you in bringing out the Mustang Roll finish. This finish takes the pressure of the horse’s weight off the outer wall of the hoof which is better for your horse’s health in the long term. The horse’s hooves should be trimmed to represent the environment it permanently lives in and this rasp should help you to achieve the best possible finish while exerting minimal energy. The Radius Rasp also has the benefit of being self-contained.

  • Radius rasp fine
  • Fitted SharpCUT blade (replaceable part – hammer in or out)
  • Integrated magnet
  • Finger groove
  • Cm/mm measurement ruler for symmetry
  • Weight: 260g
  • Colour: White

Weight 260 g
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 9 cm