Jim Blurton Crease Nail Pullers

£139.99 ex VAT

> Quality Steel
> Nail Puller Farrier Tool
> Size 12″

Jim Blurton Crease Nail Pullers

High quality steel has been used in producing Jim Blurton Crease Nail Pullers. The jaws of nail pullers are designed to easily fit between nails and are particularly narrow, allowing them to remove CH & E nails. The crease nail pullers were developed and tested at Jim’s Forge in Mid Wales as part of the Jim Blurton Professional Farrier Tool range. JB tools are well balanced and reliable which makes the work of a farrier much more effective. Some of the world’s leading farriers and equine specialists have tested them, and they are now available online worldwide.

  • Quality Steel
  • Special Narrow Jaws
  • Silver

Weight 800 g