Mustad E-Nail

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> Mustad E-Nails
> Good fit for all V-fullered shoes
> Multi-purpose horseshoe nail

E1 (41mm)
E10 (68mm)
E12 (77mm)
E14 (80mm)
E2 (41mm)
E3 (45mm)
E4 (47.5mm)
E4.5 (49.5mm)
E5 (51mm)
E6 (54mm)
E7 (57mm)
E8 (60.5mm)
E9 (64mm)

Mustad E-Nail

The E nail is a traditional Mustad nail that performs consistently throughout the process. And can be used on a wide range of horse and horseshoe styles, whether for leisure or competition. The E nail fits all V-crease and plain punched horseshoes and comes in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.


  • Mustad E-Nail
  • Multi-purpose horseshoe nail
  • Suitable for variety of horses, shoes and sport disciplines
  • Good fit for all V-fullered shoes
  • Available in a wide range of sizes


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