Mustad Endura Concave

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> Mustad Endura Concave Nails
> FDA approved, non-toxic coating
> Available in many sizes

CONCAVE 2 (48mm)
CONCAVE 3 (50.5mm)
CONCAVE 4 (53.5mm)
CONCAVE 5 (56.5mm)
CONCAVE 6 (59.5mm)

Mustad Endura Concave Nails

Mustad is constantly striving to develop and innovate for the benefit of both the farrier and the horse. The Endura nails are provided with a coating that will give you additional benefits to our already premium nails.
Endura is a coating that adds up to 30% more strength to nails, allowing you to employ a smaller nail when necessary. It also enhances nail driving and prevents hoof wall damage. Endura nails are designed for extreme conditions and high-performance horses.


  • Mustad Endura Concave Nails
  • 30% extra strength with an exclusive non-toxic coating for healthier hooves
  • Designed for extreme conditions and high-performance horses
  • Improves nail driving and reduces hoof wall damage
  • Leaves clean hooves without oxidation marks
  • Enhanced durability and stronger clinches
  • FDA approved, non-toxic coating


Mustad Endura Concave


Endura coated


Concave 2 (48mm), Concave 3 (50.5mm), Concave 4 (53.5mm), Concave 5 (56.5mm), Concave 6 (56.5mm)


Turf, Grass, Pavement, Stoney ground, Sand, Synthetic



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