Mustad Forging Hammer

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> Mustad Forging Hammer
> Fitted Wooden Handle
> Well-Balanced Grip


Mustad Forging Hammer

There are three versions of the Mustad forging hammers available. There’s a round side and a ball side for two of these. The difference is in weight and size; 950g is the small one, 1,100g is the big one. A square side and a ball side are available in the third model. With full power usage, the strategic balance between the length of the hammer handle and the weight of the hammer head makes light forging. The hammer handle is fixed using a steel ring wedge.

  • Mustad Forging Hammer
  • High quality hammer forging with an impressive price output ratio
  • The three models available address a wide variety of uses
  • The hammer handle is fixed using a steel ring wedge

Note: Immerse the head with a new hammer handle in linseed oil or petroleum for 24 hours prior to first use.


Weight 990 g
Dimensions 38 × 10 × 5 cm
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950g, 1100g