Mustad No-Shock Hoof Pad soft

£19.99 ex VAT

> Provides Exclusive Hoof Protection
> Durability and Shock Absorption
> Pads Thickness 3 mm


Mustad No-Shock Hoof Pad soft

Mustad Hoofcare pads are made of pure polyurethane, which provides exceptional protection against sharp objects while also striking the perfect mix of durability and shock absorption. Horses with navicular, concussive, or sensitive injuries can benefit from hoof pads, which also shield fragile, lowering soles from discomfort and bruising. They absorb shock and provide unrivalled protection. The flat pads are 3 mm thick and are clear grey throughout.

  • Mustad No-Shock Hoof Pad Soft
  • Shock-absorbing and provide exclusive protection for sole
  • Superb protection against sharp objects
  • Beneficial for horses suffering from navicular, concussive injuries or sensitivity in the hoof and legs
  • Pads thickness 3 mm