Mustad Pull-offs – Shoe Pullers

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> Precise and sharp cutting edges
> Multi Purpose Farrier Shoeing tool
> Easy lifting and pulling off horseshoes


Mustad Pull-offs – Shoe Pullers

Mustad’s pull-off is a multi-purpose shoeing tool. The wide jaws make lifting and removing shoes of all sizes and types simple. It may also be used as a nipper because of the precise and sharp cutting edges that are designed to pinch the nail. Shoes may be distributed using the ribbed outside of the jaws. Because of the right-angle form of the cutting edge outsides, this pincher works flawlessly as a clinching block. Two alternative handle lengths are offered for this pull-off. The size of their jaws is same.

Mustad farrier tools have gained a well-deserved reputation for hardy quality at an affordable price.  Mustad shoe pullers , or pull-offs, are available in standard 14 inch size or a light 12 inch size.

  • Mustad Pull-offs – Shoe Pullers
  • Hard Quality Steel
  • Size 12 inch or 14 inch
  • Precise and sharp cutting edges
  • Easy lifting and pulling off horseshoes
  • Pull or pinch nails
  • Shoes can be spread before nailing
  • Multi Purpose Farriers tool