Replacement Fine Blade

£11.99 ex VAT

> Radius Rasp spare blade
> Fine trimming side
> Easy to replace

EasyTrimLondon Radius Rasp Replacement Fine Blade

Effortlessly create a smooth mustang roll on your horse’s hooves. This durable replacement blade was specially designed to make it easier to work on the hoof wall. Creating a mustang roll takes the pressure of the horse’s weight off the outer wall of the hoof which is better for your horse’s health in the long term. The horse’s hooves should be trimmed to represent the environment it permanently lives in and this rasp should help you to achieve the best possible finish while exerting minimal energy

Especially effective in wet and humid weather conditions, the blades leave a smooth, glossy finish so no other work needs to be done after. This rasp blade is a must-have for Farriers that work with horseshoes and need a replacement for their Fine Radius Rasp.

Please Note that these blades are designed for EasyTrimLondon Radius Rasp only.

Please Note: Coarse and Fine Radius Rasps’ blade thickness is different, and these cannot be interchanged.

  • Replacement Fine blade
  • High-quality steel
  • Easy to replace

Weight 85 g
Dimensions 11.5 × 4 × 0.7 cm