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The Farrier Tools & Supplies Specialists

EASYTRIMLONDON Farrier Horseshoeing Tools & Equipment Supplies UK – we are passionate about everything for horses and pets and for farriers, we provide the best quality hoof care products for your farrier tools kit with the best service at the best price.


When in need of emergency farrier tools, the first thought that goes through your mind as a farrier is probably ‘Where can I find farrier tools for sale near me?’ or ‘Is there a farrier supplies store near me?’. Of course, whilst this is simply because you wish to attend to your dear horse’s needs as soon as physically possible, we urge you to pause and think for a minute before purchasing the farrier tools you need from the closest possible farrier tools supplier: Is this really the best option?


Not necessarily. In fact, you may end up purchasing horse farrier tools that leave both you and your horse disappointed and dissatisfied and wondering why you chose to waste your hard-earned money on farrier tools and equipment that do not serve you as well as they should, merely so that they would arrive in the shortest time possible.

This is where EASYTRIMLONDON comes in. No matter where you are in the world, we promise to only ever supply the very best farrier tools with a fast delivery service. EASYTRIMLONDON delivers premium-quality horse farrier supplies to locations all over the world, such as Australia, Alberta, Brisbane, Billings (Montana), Christchurch, Canada, Devon, Dallas (Texas), Edmonton, Florida, Fort Worth (Texas), Gosford, Gold Coast, Hendra, Houston, Ireland, India, Kildare, Kent, Lexington (Kentucky), Louisville (Kentucky), Milton Keynes, Melbourne, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Ontario, Ohio, Preston, Perth, Quebec, Queensland, Richmond (New South Wales), Russia, Sydney, South Africa, Tamworth, Texas, UK, USA, Victoria, Virginia, Wicklow, Winnipeg, Yucaipa and New York, just to name a few.


Gone are the days when you would go on to Amazon to search for ‘antique farrier tools’, ‘used farrier tools’, ‘used farrier supplies’, ‘vintage farrier tools’ or ‘basic farrier tools’. Nor do you have to enter Google searches such as ‘farrier trimming tools’, ‘best farrier tools’, ‘professional farrier tools’ or ‘quality farrier tools’. Here at EASYTRIMLONDON, we provide equine farrier supplies of the finest quality to highly satisfied customers worldwide – when you are so spoilt for choice by our vast range of products, why would you even consider purchasing your horse farrier tools from anyone else?


Our first-class service, exceptionally high standards of quality and reliable international deliveries all mean that our handmade farrier tools for horse owners are the perfect items for your farrier tools box. The brilliant range of farrier tools available from EASYTRIMLONDONis suitable for different types of horses – such as draft horses and miniature horses – and includes nail clinchers, nail pullers, nippers, rasps and so much more.


Not only this, but our team at EASYTRIMLONDON are experts on farrier tools and so to help you out, we have other blogs in our blog section at the bottom of the page where we have explained our quality horse farrier tools and what they are used for, as well as any extra uses they might have. We provide a 5% discount on your first order and free shipping on all orders over £250. You can also find us on Facebook and eBay, where we have many glowing reviews from our extremely satisfied customers – another testament to our reliability and another reason why you should shop with us, if you didn’t already have enough.


So, what are you waiting for? Have a browse through our products and see which ones suit you best.


Enjoy Shopping with us and don’t forget to use 5% Off you First Order!