The Role Of Our Farrier Tools In Devon

Devon is a county in the southwest of England. It features over 50 sandy beaches, the fossil cliffs around Charmouth and Lyme Regis are very popular, there are around 77 towns many of which are medieval towns and there are 5 moorland national parks. The English Riviera stretches 22 miles along the Devon coast and possesses a beautiful bay.

In Devon, the Exmoor pony is a horse breed which is native to the British Isles, and still roams as semi-feral in the Exmoor area which is a vast area of moorland in Devon and Somerset. It is one of the British Isles’ mountain and moorland pony breeds, which resembles other cold-weather-adapted ponies. The Exmoor pony is able to survive in extreme outdoor conditions during cold winters and it is also used for a number of different equestrian activities.

The Exmoor pony is a quick learner and is also considered to be kind, it is also a small size and for this reason many equestrians decide to select the Exmoor pony for their children as it is considered an excellent mount.

With 20 or more equestrian centre’s in Devon, many of our customers that purchase our farrier tools to take good care of their horses’ and ponies are actually from this area. We are pleased to know that our hoof care equipment also benefits the Exmoor pony breed.