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What is a Farrier Tool?

For many apprentices and those learning about equine health and hoof care sometimes ask this question when they are first getting started.

The question itself can be answered quickly, however it does open up many long chapters when going into the very essential detail.

Farrier Tools are used by those that work on horse’s hooves for tasks such as trimming, cutting, smoothening and replacing shoes.

Many horse owners choose to regularly trim their horse’s hooves themselves whilst others use the help of an expert. The trimming of the hooves should be undertaken every 4 weeks on average and for this reason most equestrians simply maintain the length and condition of their horse’s hooves by trimming every month. This is generally very good practise because the overall health of a horse very much depends on the condition of its hooves.

When it comes to fitting shoes the services of an expert are usually the preferred option, due to the level of expertise that they have gained over the years and decades. The professionals also have lots of experience working with so many different types of horses and ponies.

Any type of equine hoof care related work on a horse must be done using the best farrier tools available, and the type of tool must be specifically used for the exact purpose for which it was intended.

Amongst these is the Radius Rasp which is available in different variants from course, medium and fine.

The Radius Rasp in coarse is used to trim excess material from the hooves at the beginning because it has large cutting blades which can easily remove the bulk of the material.

Secondly, the medium blade model is used to peel away any remnants of material for a smoother finish that can be achieved with the coarse modelalone.

Last but not least is the Fine model which is used to perfectly smooth the hoof, particularly around the edges to accomplish what is known as the mustang roll.

The coarse model can easily be distinguished from the deep cutting blade, this model is available in black colour.

The medium model has a blade which resembles a peeling blade similar to a cheese grater and is part of the sparkle range. This model is available in a transparent finish with a pleasant appearing glitter effect.

The fine model blade looks quite like a file blade which provides enough depth to remove material at the final finishing part of hoof trimming. The fine model is available in a white colour.

All three of the mentioned models can be used with only one hand, and all have an integrated magnet which is handy when you want to attach the tool to a stand during trimming intervals. There is also a measurement ruler on the side of each model which helps in trimming down to the mm on each and every side of the hoof.

Each of these product models are well sought after due to the convenience which they provide during trimming, and also due to the easily achievable mustang roll finish.

There are no other products in the trimming range which perform as good as these, and most equestrians usually have at least two of these models in their tool box.

A great advantage of buying any of these models is that they all feature the ability to easily replace the blades, and the blades themselves are inexpensive and easily hammered in or out!